I-5 Pharms is officially online in more ways than one. We’re up and growing as well as connected to the interweb now. Right stinking now! I-5 Pharms is an indoor, hydroponic micro-growery based in the southern outskirts of Portland. We specialize in unique and historic strains. We hand-nurture our plants from babies to flower and have a real, deep passion for the craft.

We have combined, over 30 years of experience in the horticulture biz. We employ a mix of old school style and new technology to grow the best, cleanest, freshest flower possible. Our nutes are nearly all organic matter and we utilize beneficial insects in the battle against the bad bugs.

Our first crop is due mid-September. We’re going to be offering some dank nugs to the Oregon ganja connoisseur. Our current spotlight strains include a legacy strain of Blueberry from way-back, Cherry Pie, Gelato, Lamb’s Breath/Bread, Skywalker and The White. We are cultivating a unique strain – One Star. One Star has an rare geneotype and we will be coming to market with her in all future harvests. One Star is a distant relative of Ebola #7 and Afgooey. From how the adolescent plants are presenting, they’re going to be mondo bud producers. We cannot wait to see the fruits of this beautiful girl.




https://www.leafly.com/sativa/lamb-s-bread also known as https://www.allbud.com/marijuana-strains/sativa/lambs-breath




3. One Star This Indica dominant hybrid isn’t as strong as Donnelly’s other suggestions and is better for people looking to get a little work done during the storm.”You’ll be able to get out and stack your wood in the rain,” Donnelly said. This strain is 25.44 percent THC and 1.27 percent CBD. – Experts suggest 9 weed strains to get you through stormy weather